Jardin Petit Troisième

Budget: $$$

Living Room

Opened top of wall to provide more airflow and light flow / Changed to heated floors / Used a bright colour palette / Added plants to purify air / Hammock (certified fair-trade) and rounded corners to enhance sense of peacefulness / Handmade door from 100% recycled reclaimed barn wood /
Decorated with antiques or found objects; no new materials.

Art by James Porschen


Tore down closed walls to expose historical beam (which was hidden before) / Made open-concept kitchen to provide more light and space / 
Decorated with plants, herbs, vintage and found objects / Countertop of highest quality Dekton, a composite material using lost dust and pieces fromother countertop cuts. It combines the best properties from other materials, like heat resistance and stain resistance.


Used an old HT (heat treated, not chemically treated) palette for bedboard / Removed carpet floor to expose concrete and painted with low VOC paint / Light colour palette / Used organic cotton and linen as sheets and canopy to create romantic light and avoid static in the air / Mattress is made in Québec (local) and made of certified organic materials.

Cushions and handiras by Un Peu Plus Loin.


Created more space by eliminating the hallway and adding a glass standing shower / Bright colour palette / Proper lighting / Refurbished an antique dresser into a bathroom vanity by adding a slate top, antique iron findings and a local handmade sink /
Used wood scraps from the doors to make a bathtub tray / Refurbished an antique medicine cabinet /
Cotton linens / Decorated with antiques or found objects; no new materials.

Art by Joseph Arthur